Stair Dismount Classic


Shove Mr. Dismount down the stairs! Inflict massive damage to every weak point! Don't worry about hurting our hero - he's a professional, ready to roll down the stairs again and again... and again!

Truck Dismount Classic


Having conquered the stairs, Mr. Dismount returns to professional crash testing in Truck Dismount. Create the most spectacular and painful crashes using a truck, a concrete wall, ramps and your wicked imagination!

Please note that games on this page are from the age when computer programmers had sideburns. Compatibility with current operating systems is not guaranteed and no support is provided.


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Game Soundtracks

Zen Bound OST - "Bound"

Zen Bound 2 OST - "Rebound"

Zen Bound 2

Logos, icons and infosheet.

Selected screenshots.

Raw illustration elements.

ZB2 Desktop screenshots.


Logo and icon

Selected screenshots.

Stair Dismount Infographic Kit.

Dismount Sticker Set.


Eyelord logo and icon.


Secret Exit logo.

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