Frequently Asked Questions

Updated July 6th, 2012

NOTE: As the first thing, check that your game is the latest version! Also, we strongly recommend updating your device to the latest version of iOS.

Q: Your game is free! How do you get money for food?
A: Excellent question! Contrary to popular beliefs, app developers don't survive on free downloads. All our work is accomplished with your support: buy the extra ragdolls or levels if you like Dismount, or purchase some of our other games: Turbo Dismount, Eyelord and Zen Bound 2.

Q: I purchased extra levels or extra characters but due to syncing/re-installing/cosmic radiation the game says I don't have them anymore! Where are my purchases?
A: If the extra content packs have been properly purchased, and are lost from the device for any reason, the game has a swanky button called Restore Purchases. It's located both in the Options screen and the Character Selection screen. Tap it, input your iTunes password and all your previous purchases will be restored.

Q: I can't get millions of points like some people on the leaderboards! What am I doing wrong?
A: You are not doing anything wrong, the people who are posting those scores are using jailbroken devices and sending false results to the leaderboard servers. We will keep removing the bogus scores.

Q: Stair Dismount is crashing, taking ages to load, lagging and altogether giving me less enjoyment than I'd expect from a quality experience!
A: This situation is caused by a low memory condition: the longer the device is on without rebooting, and the more different apps have been started and closed, the less free continuous memory is available for starting new apps.

Q: Thanks for the explanation. So how do I fix these crashes and slowdowns?
A: Reboot your device. This clears the RAM of all fragments left there by closed apps.

Q: Rebooting didn't help. What next?
A: You're a tough customer. If you are one of those condemnable jailbreaking types, stop using custom themes, backgrounds, additional background processes or other stuff that would leave less memory for running apps.

Q: I don't jailbreak, and rebooting still didn't help. What next?
A: Try cleaning up Safari cache (Settings -> Safari). Also try disabling services you do not require, like location services, bluetooth or push notifications.

Q: I have rebooted the device, cleaned the Safari cache and closed all unnecessary background services. Stair Dismount is still giving me issues, what next?
A: Deleting and re-installing the game may help.

Q: Why does the game crash only when I'm picking a face?
A: If your Facebook friend list is HUGE, then loading those hundreds or thousands of faces may be causing your device to run out of memory. For this particular issue the only fix is to have less friends or more memory - we apologize.

Q: No, the game is crashing when I pick a photo from the image library. Why is this?
A: You may be trying to load a photo that's too big. Any image that's many megapixels in size will give a tough time to an iPhone to pan and zoom. Try scaling the photo down on a computer to 512x512 pixels in size before using it in the game.

Q: What bugs or other issues are you currently aware of so I don't have to waste my time writing you a support email?
A: We know the following:

  • Background music stops when the device has been sleeping over ~20 seconds.
  • Background music stops when the game has been in the background (on multitasking-capable iOS devices) for a short period of time.
  • Graphics flicker in some parts of larger levels on older devices

Q: I have a different problem, and none of the above instructions are helpful. What do I do?
A: Contact us via the email address below.

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